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16 & Under Girls

Winter 2013-2014
2013-2014 x Winter

16u Girls Program

Our activities will be paused during the fall season as the 16u and 18u players engage in their respective high school water polo seasons.

680 16U Girls Junior Olympic History

Year Place All-American Coach
2023 33rd Ryan Sevilla
2022 51st Ryan Sevilla
2021 16th Ryan Sevilla
2019 12th Fiona Young (HM) Ryan Sevilla
2018 10th Natasha Kanter (HM) Donny Mata
2017 6th Emily Blackwell (HM), Nina Flynn (HM) Andrew Silva
2016 2nd Ava Johnson (1st), Jolie Trujillo (1st), Grace Tehaney (2nd), Carson Broad (2nd) Jon Leach
2015 4th Marissa Webb (1st Team), Grace Tehaney (2nd Team) Jon Leach
2014 10th Marissa Webb (HM) Jon Leach
2013 5th Kat Klass, Rachel Lewin (HM) Jon Leach
2012 10th - Jon Leach
2011 17th - Jon Leach
2010 9th - Jon Leach

Ryan Sevilla

Head Coach 16 & Under Girls