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680 Support - Thank you!


Please click the following link to Donate: DONATION CLICK HERE

Thank you very much for your consideration of a donation to our 680 Program. 

The 680 Drivers Water Polo Association (USWP#37) is a non-profit, charitable organization created to promote and teach the exciting game of water polo to the youth in Northern California.  All donations are fully tax-deductible, Tax ID #94-3402551. 

After completion of your donation, you will receive an email receipt verifying your donation and all the tax-deductible information.


Currently we are raising funds to help support the program as follows:

1. Watlicam - The Ideal coaching tool for water sports. Watlicam enables real-time performance analysis through its fully integrated view of video images above and below the waterline.

2. 680 National League Men's Team (Women's team to follow once a National League is set-up for Women). We are fundraising to pay for our National League Athletes travel, equipment, apparel, etc. 

3.Colorado Wireless Tabletop Controller for games, scrimmages, trainings.

4. Necessary annual equipment: caps, cages, training devices, etc. 

5. Technology - iPads, Monitors, software, and more to help with player evaluations and feedback.