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Parent Etiquette Information

A couple of important items to remember when supporting your player at the tournaments:


1. Cheer for our team and your player in a positive manner. This is a game played by your daughter/son, coached by the coaches, and cheered/supported by you.


2. Please do NOT coach your daughter or son from the stands. This is very disruptive and ends up causing miscommunication between the player and coach. Also, many times what is being yelled out from the stands is contradictory to what the coach wants.


3. At no time should the parents address the refs before, during, or after the game. If you have questions about a particular call, please direct all inquiries to our head coach.


4. At no time should the parents address the opposing coach before, during, or after the game. If you have any questions, please direct all inquiries to our head coach to address with the opposing coach.


5. We love our parent support and so do the players, but please make sure it is done so in a very positive manner. Remember, this is a game and it should be fun and it should be used to help develop our players through life experiences. There will be highs, there will be lows, and everything in between. Our players will learn how to handle them all through their experience with 680.


No Parents on the Deck at Practice

We kindly ask for you to drop off your daughter/son at the designated time and stay off the deck until practice is completed.

Our practices are intended for our players and coaches only so they can work together in an environment without outside factors.


Parents Need to observe a “Cooling Off” Period

Wait to talk to the coach about something you are upset about for at least 24 hours. Emotions can get so hot, that it’s often better and more productive to wait a day before contacting the coach. This also gives you time to consider exactly what to say to the coach, and how to say it.


Parents- Please Don't Instruct During a Game or Practice

Your child is trying to concentrate amid the chaotic, fast-moving action of a game, as well as do what the coach asks of him or her. A parent yelling out instructions hardly ever helps. More often than not, it confuses the child, adds pressure and goes against the coaches’ instruction, which undermines the player-coach relationship, the player-parent relationship, and the parent-coach relationship.


Many thanks for your support, Drive on, and Go 680!!!